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"Optional" flag

Functions that are flagged as "optional" within Computop Analytics might not be enabled within Computop Analytics you are using. Computop Sales will be happy to enable these functions for you when necessary.

In order to manage and create users, the tab "Administration" (optional) must be enabled for you within Computop Analytics.

If the administration rights required have not been enabled for you, then you can only change the merchant and user data, the password and the language for your own user.

The start page for administration is the user management. User management provides you with an overview of all users that have been created in Analytics. You can assign a new password, change personal data, and deactivate or activate site access rights for every user.

Not every user should be granted access rights to all areas of Analytics for security reasons. This is why user management gives you the option of only assigning the user those site access rights that the user actually needs. Furthermore, you can create users and view the user log for every user. The user log allows you to view the activities of every user in the application.

Overview of user management

  1. Change user data and create a new user
  2. View the user log of a user

Application Button

The button at the bottom allows you to jump to the corresponding page within the application. You must be logged in to jump to the corresponding page within the application.

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