Sensitive card data

PCI DSS requires that every user access to sensitive credit card data must be able to be retraced for security reasons. Computop Analytics therefore does not save each action by the user, but rather only the actions relevant to security, such as data access.

The tab "Administration → User log" allows you to search for user actions relevant to security within Computop Analytics. This allows you to set filters within Computop Analytics for the period, the user, and the user action relevant to security. You can export the search results as an Excel file.

If you wish to grant several persons access to Computop Analytics, you can create new users in the user management.

Overview of the search criteria

  1. "Period" selection field
  2. "Operation characteristics" selection field
  3. "Search and Filter" button

Activating the "Period" selection field

When you click in the input fields for the date, a calendar opens in which you can select a date. When you click in the input fields for the time, you can define a time for the search.

Activating the "Operation characteristics" selection field

You can select two different operation characteristics: User, and action relevant to security.

Selecting users

You can either select all users, or a specific user.

Selecting an action

Every action relevant to security carried out by a user is saved. Descriptions of the individual types of actions relevant to security can be found in the "Actions relevant to security" table below.

CancelOperation cancelled


Capture added to an operation


Credit added to an operation


Information removed


Batch file or settlement file downloaded


Personal data deleted


Information added


User logged in


User logged out


Upcoming operation created


Operation created


Operations queried


Operation cancelled


Operation (authorisation and payment) carried out


Information changed


Batch files or black lists uploaded


Details of an operation displayed

Exporting search results

You can export the search results as an Excel file for further processing.

Proceed as follows to export the search results:

  1. Activate values in the selection fields.
  2. Click on the "Search and Filter" button.

→ The application verifies the values entered. If the values are invalid, a message showing the reason why will appear in red. If the values are valid, the search results will be shown.

  1. "Export " button

3. Click on the "Export " button.

→ The search results are issued as a CSV file ready to download.

Application Button

The button at the bottom allows you to jump to the corresponding page within the application. You must be logged in to jump to the corresponding page within the application.

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