Opening merchant and user data

  1. User who is logged in

Proceed as follows to open the merchant and user data:

  1. Click on the user.

       → The merchant and user data open.

Setting the language

Languages German/English

A button at the top right of the application gives you the option of switching between the languages German and English. If you require a different language, then please follow the instructions provided in this chapter.

  1. Localisation data
  2. "Change settings" Button

Proceed as follows to change the language used for the application:

1. Click on the "Change settings" button.

→ The input fields appear.

  1. Localisation data
  2. "Confirm" Button

To change the language used for Analytics, you will need to set the "Culture" input field to the corresponding language.

2. Set the preferred language under "Culture".

Click on the "Confirm" button.

→ The input fields close, and the language has been changed.

Displaying the selected language

In order to activate the language that has now been selected, you must log out of the application and log in again. Only after logging in again will be the new language be displayed in Analytics.

Currently these languages are supported:

Simplified chinese

Other culture selections will fallback to English.

Application Button

The button at the bottom allows you to jump to the corresponding page within the application. You must be logged in to jump to the corresponding page within the application.

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