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You can use the tab "Create processes" → "Pay by link" to create an operation (payment using a link). If you create a payment process using the "Pay by link" terminal, a payment link with the payment request is sent by email to the customer specified. This link forwards the customer to the payment form on the hosted payment page. The paymethods available are the paymethods we have setup for you.

Activation of Pay By Link

Pay By Link needs to be activated for your MerchantId. Computop Sales will be happy to enable Pay By Link and paymethods for you when necessary.

Activation of additional consumer information

Pay By Link now also supports display

  • your Merchant logo
  • extended consumer information like shipping address
  • and extended order information

on the Hosted Payment Page where the customer completes the payment. This needs to be activated by Computop Helpdesk.

Overview of "Pay by link" with extended consumer information

With our new feature "extended consumer information" some more fields are shown which are also shown on the Hosted Payment Page which is sent to the customer and how this information is displayed on Hosted Payment Page

Merchant view: Pay by Link formCustomer view: Payment link to Hosted Payment Page

(1-3) Specifying payment details

Operation characteristics describe the paymethod used for an operation. You can enter the following operation characteristics: Currency, amount, type of capture, reference number, merchant reference number, information about your shopping cart, invoice recipient, country code and iDEAL issuer ID.

Selecting currency and amount

When you open the drop-down "Currency" menu, you will see all currencies that can be selected. You can narrow the search to a specific amount of money in the "Amount" input field.

"Amount" input field

The amount entered depends on the currency selected beforehand from the drop-down "Currency" menu. You must enter the amount in the largest currency unit using the decimal notation applicable for the currency (e.g. €10.50). Whether decimals are allowed depends on the respective currency.

Selecting language

When you open the drop-down "Language" menu, you will see all languages that can be selected for displaying the hosted payment page to the customer.

Selecting the type of capture

The type of capture specifies when the operation was captured by the bank following authorisation of the amount.

A description of the types of capture can be found in the "Types of capture" table below.

Detailed information on "Type of capture" can be found here and may also depend on the paymethod.

Entering the reference number and merchant reference number

The reference number and the merchant reference number are used for unique identification of the operation within Computop Paygate.

The merchant reference number is used as a payment reference, which is specified in the corresponding EPA file issued by your bank.

(info) The reference number is shown on the Hosted Payment Page for consumer information and is mandatory.

The merchant reference number is an internal reference for merchant systems. The merchant reference number allows you identify each transaction uniquely identify the payment process.

(2) Entering information about the shopping cart

This is where you can enter the merchandise or services that your customer ordered from you.

"Information about your shopping cart" input field

The "Information about your shopping cart" input field must be filled in according to the rules for the paymethod and the payment method provider applicable when the operation was created. The corresponding parameters in the paymethods are "OrderDesc" and "OrderDesc2".

(3) Entering the invoice recipient

With the options "extended consumer information" the field for invoice recipients changes to a text box where a complete address can be entered for billing and for shipping address. The format is free and just used for information, but not for payment processing.

Selecting the country code for the iDEAL issuer ID

You only need to select the country code of the country of origin if you are using the iDEAL issuer ID online payment system.

The country code is a parameter required by the iDEAL issuer ID online payment system:

Country code








The Netherlands









Selecting the online payment system (iDEAL issuer ID)

iDEAL is an online payment system from The Netherlands. Use of the iDEAL online payment system is very widespread in The Netherlands. This is why you only need to select the online payment system if the payment link is being sent to a customer in The Netherlands.

If you know which online payment system your customer uses, you can select the online payment system in advance. The online payment system selected will be shown to your customer as the first paymethod.

Try 3-D Secure 2.x for credit card

If this checkbox is activated a 3-D Secure 2.x authentication is initiated for credit card payments. 

Therefore this checkbox should always be activated.

The payment link is valid for a specified period of time which can be selected:

(5) Adding an own label and value

You have two fields to define

  • an own label on the Hosted Payment Page like "Order"
  • and display a value at this label.

This label can be used to display a customer reference like "Order" details or anything else you want to display on HPP.

Sending payment link to your consumer

There are two options to send Pay By Link mailsto your customer:

  • simply by coyping the payment link and send it with your own mail application to the consumer.
    By this you have full control of the email which is sent including formatting text, adding links and logos.
  • or via Computop Paygate to your consumer.

(4, 7-9) Copy payment link and use your own mail application

The easiest and most flexibel way is to create the payment link and copy it into your clipboard.

Therefore you don't need to enter merchant / customer mail nor mail subject / mail content.

You simply enter the payment data above and choose the action "Show Payment Link" (7). The payment link is created and you will see a message like:

Copy can now click on "Copy Payment Link" and you have the full payment link in your clipboard and can insert this link into your own mail application and send the mail to your customer.

(7, 8) Sending payment link via Computop Paygate

For sending the payment link via Computop Paygate to your customers you will need to fill in

  • merchant mail
  • customer mail
  • mail subject and
  • mail content.

Then choose the action "Send Payment Link" (7) and the mail is sent to your customer.

The example below shows an email that has been filled in, and how the customer receives this email.

Example of an email


Sent: Thursday, 3 February 2022 07:13

To: Customer email address

Subject: Order XY – payment link

Checkout (the customer receives a link of this type, and must click on it).

Dear Mr X,

Thank you very much for your order.


Your sales team

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