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"Optional" flag

Functions that are flagged as "optional" within Computop Analytics might not be enabled/visible within the application you are using. Computop Sales will be happy to enable these functions for you when necessary.

In order to create operations, the "Create processes" tab (optional) must be enabled for you within Computop Analytics.

The tab "Create processes" (optional) allows you to create a payment process and to send them to the customer or to Computop Paygate directly.

Creating operations

There are five different ways to create operations in the application.

  1. Enter a credit card payment in the card terminal
  2. Enter a direct debit in the direct debit terminal
  3. Create an operation with "Pay by link"
  4. Manage subscriptions (recurring payments)
  5. Create operations using batch files

The tab "Card terminal" provides you with the option of initiating credit card payments using card data which have been provided by the customer. The customer may provide you the card data by phone or by mail (called "MoTo": MailOrder / TelephoneOrder"; prefer to use fax or post mail) do not use email). Please check your PCI DSS certification in advance and check what options you have. 3-D Secure authentications are of course not possible as the customer (card holder) is not present and can not authenticate).

The tab "Direct debit terminal" provides you with the option of initiating direct debits. Direct debits are sent to the customer’s bank. This involves the payment recipient (merchant) requesting their bank to debit an amount from the payer’s (end customer’s) account.

The tab "Pay by Link" provides you with the option of sending your customer a payment link that forwards them to the payment form on the hosted payment page. The payment link is sent by email to the customer. You may also copy the ayment link into your clipboard and insert this link into your own application or into an email you will send via your email application (e.g. Outlook). The hosted payment page gives your customer the option of selecting a paymethod and entering their payment data. The advantage by this is that the customer can choose the preferred paymethod and even credit card authentifcation is possible, because the card holder is initiating the payment.

The tab "Subscriptions" provides you with the option of creating recurring payments in the form of subscriptions.

The tab "Batch files" provides you with the option of creating several operations at once. This allows you to combine operation data into a batch file and to send this to the Computop Paygate. Once successfully transmitted, the Computop Paygate carries out the operations.

Application Button

The button at the bottom allows you to jump to the corresponding page within the application. You must be logged in to jump to the corresponding page within the application.

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