An account verification also known as a zero value authorization is a request to check whether a card account is in good standing (i.e. the card is not stolen and the card account can be used for payments).

3DS and Account Verification

Please note that if an account verification (i.e. AccVerify=Yes) in combination with 3DS is requested the authorization will be always performed with a zero-value. The authentication however will be carried out with the amount correspondent to the value submitted in the Amount field. If the transferred Amount is a zero-value the related liability shift will be also for a zero amount.

Credential on File

Please note that non-payment transactions that establish a credentialOnFile (aka Card Add) require an account verification.

Standalone Account Verification

If you request an account verification without adding a card on file the data element browserInfo becomes optional for Server-2-Server and Silent Order Post integrations. Other conditional data elements might also be not applicable.

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