InfoSearch for settlement files within a given period.

How to search operations in tab "View operations → Settlement files"?

How to define the time period for searching?

What do the selection fields mean?

The "View operations → Settlement files" tab allows you to search for settlement files within a given period. Settlement files show all operations of a merchant within a given period. You can export individual settlement files as a CSV table. You can export the search results as an Excel file.

Overview of the search criteria

  1. "Period" selection field
  2. "Search and Filter" button

Exporting a settlement file

  1. Button "Export "
  2. File name of a settlement file

Proceed as follows to export a settlement file:

1. Activate values in the selection fields.

2. Click on the "Search and Filter" button.

→ The application verifies the values entered. If the values are invalid, a message showing the reason why will appear in red. If the values are valid, the search results will be shown.

3. Click on the required settlement file in the "File name" column.

→ The settlement file is provided as a downloadable CSV file.

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