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Paygate response codes are 8 digits and are constructed accordering to the syntax described below.

Format: N8,  (NNNNNNNN)

  • N (status)
  • NNN (category)
  • NNNN (detail)



  • 2 Error

  • 206 3DS credit card adapater for authorization protocol GICC

  • 0203 Card brand does not support 3DS

Status Codes (1)




Operation completed succesfully.



Operation failed.


Fatal Error

Operation failed and data that were processed might be lost.


Continue / Transient

Operation is not completed. Final status will be transferred asynchrounous.


EMV 3DS Info

Intermediate states in the EMV 3DS sequence

Category (2-4)

The category code is a 3 digit value designating the payment adapater or payment protocol. For 3DS 2.0 those category codes will be in the range of 100 to 299 depending on the card connector.

Detail (5-8)

2xxx0101Message received invalid
2xxx0102Message version number not supported
2xxx0103Sent messages limit exceeded. Only used for PReq
2xxx0201Required element missing
2xxx0202Critical message extension not recognized
2xxx0203Format on one or more elements is invalid according to the specs
2xxx0204Duplicate data element
2xxx0301Transaction id is not recognized
2xxx0302Data decryption failure
2xxx0303Access denied, invalid endpoint
2xxx0304ISO code is not valid
2xxx0305Transaction data is not valid
2xxx0306Merchant category code is not valid for payment system
2xxx0307Serial number is not valid
2xxx0402Transaction timed out
2xxx0403Transient system failure
2xxx0404Permanent system failure
2xxx0405System connection failure
2xxx0911UnionPay specific error code. Present when Data fields relevance check failed (ECI value and AV appearance are inconsistent with transaction status).
2xxx0912UnionPay specific error code. Present when duplicated transaction ID (Transaction ID should be unique for each AReq request).
2xxx09853DS 2.0 is not supported by this card. The merchant has to follow the fallbacl process.
2xxx3002Invalid parameter BROWSERINFO
2xxx3006Invalid parameter BILLINGADDRESS
700000003DS 2.0 versioning successful
70000001Authentication response --> challenge mandated